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Bergen City Information
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Bergen is Norway's second city and one of its most popular tourist destination. It has a delightful natural setting, with seven imposing mountains surrounding it on three sides and the island-dotted North Sea on the fourth. Bergen lies central on the Isle of Ruegen and makes a good base for excursions to the many points of interest all over the island.

Bergen's long history as Norway's leading port and latterly as an international business and tourist centre lends it a more cosmopolitan air than other major Norwegian cities.

The history of Bergen goes back 800 years and the monastery buildings with the city museum, the Marien Church, the Rugard with its earthworks, the Ernst Moritz-Arndt Tower and the Billroth House are all reminders.

The convenient public transport (bus, train) allow for easy travel everywhere. The nightlife in the city is abuzz with music and dance in pubs & bars. Further, you can spoil yourself with some of the best cuisine in Scandinavia, immerse yourself in Bergen's history and culture.

A visit to this interesting city can be highly recommended. Come and stay with us at, a site providing you full information about Norway and its various cities, apart from offering online reservation of Bergen hotels at discount rate.

Tourist Attractions

› Mount Floyen and the Funicular

Check out the magnificent views over the surroundings islands from Mount Floyen, which is 320 meters above sea level. Numerous paths offer easy walks through beautiful woodland terrain with lakes and mountains. During the summer the restaurant on top of Mount Floyen is open daily. The kiosk and souvenir shop is open all year. The Funicular Lower Station is situated 150 meters from the Fish Market. Mount Floyen is situated in the center of Bergen, walking distance from the Fish Market.


Bergen Aquarium

The Bergen Aquarium is located on the outermost point of Nordnes, with a delightful view over the approach to the port of Bergen. Seals and penguins playing in the large pools welcome you to the Aquarium that has as one of Europe's largest collections of fish and invertebrates. One million liters of clean seawater are pumped up from depth of 130 meters, allowing as one of the few aquariums in the world to keep a shoal of herring. In addition, they have a number of 100,000 liter fresh water aquariums containing fish from all parts of the world. lvo Caprino´s unique film about the strange and wonderful world below sea level can be viewed in the 225 degrees super-video graph.

Troldhaugen - The Home of Edvard Grieg

Troldhaugen - the home of Nina and Edvard Grieg is one of the great tourist attractions in Norway. The attractive Swiss-style house was designed by the architect Schack Bull and built in 1884-85. Situated in lush surroundings, Troldhaugen lies on a promontory jutting out into Lake Nordaas with an outstanding view over the water. Every summer, from 1885 until his death in 1907, Edvard Grieg lived and worked here, touring Europe with his wife Nina during the winter months. He was much in demand all over the world, both as a pianist and a conductor, and became Norway 's foremost ambassador for the music of his times.

Hanseatic Museum

The Hanseatic Museum is situated in one of the old trade houses at Bryggen. The museum has old interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Hanseatic League had one of their foreign Offices at Bryggen in Bergen from approx. 1360 until 1754. The Hanseatic merchants traded mainly with stockfish from Northern Norway and grain from the Baltic countries. Only German merchants were allowed to live at Bryggen during the period of the Hanseatic Office. The Hanseatic Museum shows us what one of these trade houses would be like in the last years of the German Office at Bryggen.

Bergen Fish Market

The market with it's abundance of fish, flowers, fruit, vegetables, handicrafts and souvenirs. Want to taste raw oysters ? You'll get the chance at the Fish Market in Bergen ! Another very popular thing is to buy freshly boiled shrimps and eat by the waterfront.

Bryggen - dating back almost 900 years

In the late Middle ages the Hanseatic League established the German Kontor in Bryggen (the waterfront), which became a thriving center of international trade. The characteristic parallel rows of buildings, with their seaward-facing gables represent a building tradition dating back almost 900 years. The old wooden buildings along the harbor front in Bergen were placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1980.

› Fantoft Stave Church

The old stave church at Fantoft, originally built in Fortun in Sogn in 1150 and moved to Fantoft in 1883, burnt down on the 6th of June 1992. Fantoft Stave Church has now been rebuilt just as is before the fire.


› Haakon's Hall

Haakon's Hall has taken its name from its first builder, King Haakon Hakonsson, and was erected between 1247 and 1261. In the latter year it was in use as "The Stone Hall" at the wedding and coronation of King Magnus Lagabote (the Lawmender), Haakon's son and co-ruler. The hall was the largest and most imposing building in the royal residence at "Holmen" (the holm), the political centre of the 13th-century Norwegian kingdom. It was obviously built for the great occasions in the history of the monarchy and the realm, but also for practical daily use.


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